11 th meeting

Comenius - Multilateral partnership

11 th International meeting

Venue: Primaryschool, PlateiaMikrasAsias, Edessa, Greece

Dates : 2nd June – 6th June 2014

In the first week of June we took a trip to Edessa (about 90 kms from Thessaloniki) in Greece to wind up our two-year participation in Comenius project. This time, all partnering countries sent their representatives to meet up – 28 teachers and 66 pupils in total.

Our Greek partners prepared a great programme to present their culture, history, traditions, and cuisine. We were welcomed by the school director who introduced us to the staff as well as to their students. The main point of the programme, were absolutely fantastic Olympic games which took place at the school’s playground. The opening ceremony in which were presented all competitors was followed by lighting the Olympic torch and Greece anthem. Pupils competed in 5 disciplines: football, dodge ball, tennis ball throw, relay, and rope wrestle. All sportsmen were rewarded with a commemorative award and olive tree wreath.

Our Greek colleagues made an effort to present the deep history of their country. We visited the place of old Edessa and Timios Prodromos monastery built on a river cliff. Later we could enjoy archaeological sight of Verginas – the place where you can find untouched royal tombs belonging to Philip II. and the rest of royal family. There were displays of weapons, dishes, jewelry, etc.. Moreover, it was interesting to see the town of ancient Macedonians called Dion in the north part of Greece. There were excavation sights revealing foundations of houses, shops and roads. Apart from that we saw the original mosaics still in a very good condition.

In order to relax a bit, we took a swim in mountain mineral waters in local spa or just relaxed on the beech of Paralia Katarini. And for the last evening in Edessa, our hosts prepared for us delicious dinner with typical Greek meals and music. We had a fabulous time.

Thanks a lot to our friends for a great time in Greece.




10th meeting

Comenius - Multilateral partnership

10th International meeting

Venue: Primary school, 2041 sokak Aziz Nesin Bulvari No 16 Karsiyaka,  

             Izmir, Turkey

Dates : 21st April – 25th April 2014

Our next-to-last international meeting took place in Izmir – seaside town in Turkey. We were all wholeheartedly welcomed by the director of the partnering primary school as well as by its’ staff. After that the students of the school showed us round the classes, offices, gym and the school canteen.  Later, we could observer teaching process and share our experience in a fruitful discussion with students and teachers.

                        Because we arrived in Turkey in the time of celebration of the National sovereignty; as a memory of the founder of the Turkey’s state Ataturka and the Day of youth and sport, we could see absolutely fantastic musical and dance performances. Pupils, wearing folk costumes, showed us regional dances. The schools, houses and the streets of Izmir were nicely decorated for the celebrations. There were flags and photographs of the first president of the Turkish Republic – Mustafa Kemala Ataturka(1923) everywhere. He was not only the first president but also respected military leader and statesman.

Turkeys seems to be a distant country for us; therefore, we highly appreciated the effort of our Turkish partners to show us their historical sights. We visited probably the most famous Turkish sight - Efes 600 BC, an important port town in history, ancient village Sirince, Seluck, and a seaport Foca. We took a boat ride around small islands and finally enjoyed eating freshly caught fish with salad for lunch. In fact, Turkish cuisine tastes excellent.

We thank a lot to all our partners from Turkey for the perfect organization, generosity and friendly welcome.





Comenius - Multilateral partnership

9th International meeting

Venue: Primary school, Lindesborgsvägen 13, Tomelilla, Sweden

Dates : 3rd March –   7th March 2014

   This year we started our partnership travels with the visit of Swedish town Tomelilla which is not far away from very important port Ystad. In fact, we were accommodated here. All participants arrived at the Danish airport in Copenhagen and later continued by train through a bridge across Oresund to a Swedish land. This bridge has been in use by cars and trains from the year 2000.

   Swedish children welcomed us by a nice performance in the school gym. Then they showed us round the school and gave us all possible information in English. We could eat in the school canteen together with the pupils. Our first official part of the meeting was in the afternoon. We discussed and assessed previous activities especially maintenance of the official web site and the final product – calendar.

   The following day we visited the classes during teaching process. We could talk with children. English teachers taught in their mother language and Italian teachers cooked ravioli together with Swedish kids. Later on, the director of the school presented us the school education system. At this point we could share information and experience from our country and discuss the differences in each country. In the second part of the meeting we were interviewed by a local reporter who put a short article about the Comenius project into a local newspaper next day. We also discussed the Olympic Games in Edessa and a visit of Turkish partners. The Swedish teachers prepared for us an awesome afternoon – we could try shooting the virtual wild life animals, cycling on a two-wheeled cart Segway, and enjoy a dinner prepared from local specialties. Everything tasted really deliciously.

   On a third day we could see the surroundings. First we visited a small port town Kaseberga - renowned fishing centre. Next, we visited a prehistoric observatory Alesstenar built on a cliff over the Baltic Sea. The observatory is built from 59 stones formed in a ship like shape. Their height is somewhat between 8 to 20 meters and each piece is about 1 800 kg heavy. We were astonished by a Swedish nature and beautiful view of the sea. Similarly, we enjoyed the beauty of the National park Srenshuvud. We were climbed onto two hills with the fantastic views of the sea and the surrounding countryside. Despite the early March weather we were invited for a picnic on a shore. We barbecued sausages and had a lot of fun. Our next trip was to a small town Simrishamn and in Kivik to taste must. We bought souvenirs and tasted other local specialties here – must, marmalade and others. Perhaps the most interesting experience was the visit of the house of the Frederik´s house. He and his wife Colin invited us for a dinner which was absolutely delicious. Their house was built around the year 1900 so we could enjoy its atmosphere as well as the good meal. We had a lovely evening with a lot of laugh and talks.

   We thank to the whole Swedish team for their hospitality and open hearts.

England and Turkey in Paszkowka